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Divi’s journey started When Dani Austin (Founder of Divi) was affected with hair loss issue.

Then a hair and scalp care brand raises and introduces Divi Hair Vitamins & Serums.

Dani started deep research on hair and scalp and introduced hair care vitamins & serums and launched Divi in 2021. 

Today Divi offers a range of hair care products including, shampoo, flagship Scalp Serum, hair care vitamins, and Conditioner.

Divi motivates individuals to nurture their hair from within and without and aims to transform the hair care industry, helping everyone discover the beauty of their hair.

In this article, we will explore all the facts about Davi hair vitamins & serums, and see the Divi hair vitamins reviews.

About Divi hair vitamins & scalp serums:

Divi produced their clean hair and scalp care products through an in-house scientist team.

Divi prepares hair vitamins with a blend of vitamins, minerals, and Divi’s Roots-9 Complex.

Divi scalp serum contains clean and pure ingredients like Caffeine, Tea Tree Oil, Copper Tripeptide-1, Amino Acids, and Hyaluronic Acid that work together to support a healthy scalp environment for your hair.

Hair vitamins Ingredients:

Divi hair vitamins contains two main ingredients including, Divi Roots-9 Complex, and Lustriva.

Divi Roots-9 Complex:

Divi Roots-9 Complex is their unique ingredient that is known for healthy hair growth, improved scalp appearance, and overall hair good looking.

This blend of vitamins improves the relaxation of the scalp reduces stress and provides antioxidant benefits. There are some key ingredients:

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract:

Ashwagandha plant roots help to reduce stress-related chemicals and their negative effects on hair.

It also helps to reduce blood pressure, calm the brain, and improve the immune system. 

Gamma E Blend:

Gamma E Blend is an antioxidant blend of Vitamin E that is very helpful in keeping your hair healthy.

It also interacts with free radicals to prevent them from causing damage and hair loss.


Lustriva is a complex of Arginine Silicate and Magnesium Biotinate that provide nutritional and structural benefits to hair and scalp. It helps to grow new hair and strengthen the existing hair.

Benefits of Divi hair vitamins & scalp serums:

Divi Hair Vitamins uses slow-release beadlet technology that helps delay the release of components until the supplement reaches the small intestine, where most of the nutrients are absorbed.

This technology helps to deliver the nutrients that help hair from the inside and outside.

As Gamma E  interacts with free radicals if left unchecked, these free radicals can cause oxidative damage, affecting the hair growth cycle and the overall appearance of the hair.

Gamma E Blend, along with other vitamin ingredients, can help keep hair healthy from root to tip.

Divi Hair Vitamins contains Rhodiola Root Extract, KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract, and L-theanine which help to reduce hair loss related to stress.

This multi-faceted approach is enriched with antioxidants such as zinc and rosemary extract, that support the immune system combat oxidative stress, and promote an environment conducive to healthy hair.

How to use it?

This product is only for adults and keep this away from your kids. If you are in medical conditions, taking prescription drugs, or pregnant or lactating, then must consult your doctor.

But Now!

Divi hair vitamins reviews:

1. Trupti Patel:

“I’ve been using the scalp serum for several months and am super happy with the results so I decided to add the hair vitamins.

All I can say is WOW! I saw the results very quickly! The 2 products work amazing together and my hair is looking fuller than ever and my scalp seems to be much less dry than it usually is when the weather starts to get colder and dryer!

2. Adriana:

I will haven’t to update in a couple of months after trying these longer! Still i do not see any pros/cons!

But they do not smell terrible like some other supplements and the jar is fantastic! (Only taking form a week)

3. Luke K:

I’ve been trying everything to get my hair to grow healthier/faster/thicker for my wedding next spring.

I started using Divi’s serum and I have already started to notice the baby hairs come back. will keep using these up until my wedding!

4. Taylor:

I’ve been using these vitamins for over a month and happy to see they are now on Amazon.

These hair vitamins are the only ones that have actually worked for my hair and I can see steady growth over time to my naturally thin hair.

Easy to take capsules & I’m super impressed with how I can actually see results in my hair health! Would definitely re-purchase.

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