do beard growth kits work

Do beard growth kits work? In this post, we’ll look at one of the market’s most famous beard growth kits and put it to the test. The Beard Grow XL set is the kit in question, which touts itself as the world’s most powerful beard growth system! Let’s see if that claim rings true or is empty hype.

Beard Growth Program by Beard Czar:

Beard Czar’s beard growth kit features several items that aim to combat common beardsmen problems such as patchiness, itchiness, and general unkemptness. 

The kit includes pre-shave, jojoba, and almond oil, two essential oils that leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Another item is a softener with shea butter; it protects your skin from weather elements while moisturizing. 

The final two items are deodorant crystals that will keep you smelling fresh all day long — an essential thing for anyone with a sizable amount of facial hair.

Why we decided to try a beard growth kit

Beards are becoming increasingly popular among men today, but that doesn’t mean growing a great beard is easy. Many men spend months (or even years) trying to develop a full, thick mane—with little success. But is there an easier way? 

Thanks to beard growth kit companies like Beard Growth Kit Inc., who developed featured products (Beard Growth Treatment Kit). This product promises all-natural ingredients that promote healthy hair growth. So beard growth kit decided to give it a shot. 

How did it do? Keep reading and find out!

The different types of kits available

There are several different kinds of kits available. But the question is do beard growth kits work? There are so many that it’s hard for a newbie to know what products they need and what things they can leave off their shopping list. This guide will help with that by presenting you with all of your options: 

At-Home Beard Growth Kit A kit like this will include a facial cleanser, growth oil (like Rogaine), and topical application instructions. The most popular option is The Beard Boss—it has just about everything you need to maintain an awesome beard. 

It comes in two sizes – regular ($29) and large ($49). If you have a larger budget, we recommend going with The Deluxe Beard Boss Kit, which includes more oils than the standard kit and more accessories. 

It’s important to note that consistency is vital if you want any actual results from using any growth product. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on these products if you don’t use them regularly.

Do beard growth kits work? and Is it worth your money?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to give your beard a kick start and grow it out quickly, a kit might be just what you need. 

However, depending on your hair growth, these kits can take months to show significant results – meaning they’re not a short-term solution for men with patchy or thin beards that could use an immediate change. 

So, do beard growth kits work? There are some definite benefits to using them: First and foremost, they’re incredibly cost-effective. The average price for a quality beard growth kit is about $30, so you can get started without breaking your budget. 

They also make it easy to track how well your product is working. Most kits come with measuring tools, so you know exactly how much progress you’ve made as time goes by. 

Finally, many people say they like using products like Rogaine because they give them a chance to test drive different brands before committing to something more expensive (like Minoxidil). 

And while we didn’t find any scientific evidence proving their effectiveness, we did discover plenty of anecdotal reviews from satisfied customers who were happy with their results after giving Rogaine (and similar products) a try.


Do beard growth kits work? The simple answer is ‘’yes’’ it is very beneficial for hair growth. It contains different vitamins and natural oils, which help beard and hair growth.

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