Hopie Carlson

Hopie Carlson is the daughter of popular conservative political commentator and TV host Tucker Carlson. Although she’s not in the public eye as much as her father, Hopie has been known to appear on his show occasionally and has attracted some attention in her own right. This article will examine who Hopie Carlson is and what makes her tick.

Who is Hopie Carlson?

Hopie Carlson is the eldest daughter of Tucker Carlson, a well-known conservative political commentator, and TV host. She was born in 2002 in Washington, D.C., and has a younger sister named Dorothy and a younger brother named Buckley.

Early Life and Background:

Hopie Carlson was born in 2002 in Washington, D.C., the daughter of Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susan Carlson. She is the eldest of the Carlson children and has a younger sister, Dorothy, and a younger brother, Buckley. Growing up, Hopie spent most of her childhood in Washington, D.C., where her father worked as a political journalist and commentator.

Family Life and Siblings:

Hopie’s family life has been relatively private, with her parents keeping their personal lives out of the spotlight as much as possible. However, Tucker Carlson has occasionally mentioned his children on his show and has spoken about his pride in them.

Education and Career Interests:

Hopie Carlson is attending St. Andrews School, a prestigious private school in Delaware. According to reports, she is an excellent student actively involved in extracurricular activities such as sports and music. In particular, she is a skilled equestrian and has won several awards for her riding skills.

More about her future career aspirations is needed about what Hopie wants to do after she finishes school. However, given her interest in sports and her academic achievements, she likely has a bright future ahead of her.

Personal Life and Hobbies:

Although Hopie Carlson has a relatively low profile, she has a social media presence. Her Instagram account, which is private, has attracted a significant following, with many fans commenting on her posts and sharing their admiration for her.

Hopie enjoys spending time with her family and friends when she’s not studying or riding horses. She has been spotted attending events with her father and siblings and has been seen at various concerts and shows around the D.C. area.

Political Views and Family Influence:

As the daughter of one of the most well-known conservative commentators on TV, it’s unsurprising that Hopie Carlson has grown up with conservative values and beliefs. Her father has been an outspoken critic of liberal policies and politicians and has been known to use his show to promote conservative viewpoints.

While Hopie hasn’t spoken publicly about her political views, she has likely been influenced by her father’s beliefs and the conservative environment in which she grew up.


Overall, Hopie Carlson is a young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Despite her family’s prominence in the political sphere, she has managed to maintain a relatively low profile, focusing on her studies and extracurricular activities. As she continues to grow and develop, it will be interesting to see her future.



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