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For many people, US Bank Meijer provides the best banking services around. It offers everything from savings accounts to CDs to investment advice and more, all at its conveniently located branches throughout the North. 

Considering where to bank, consider these top 10 reasons US Bank Meijer should be your first choice!

1) Online Account Access:

One of our top Meijer services is online account access. They make it easy to view your balances and recent transactions, deposit checks, and even pay your bills online. You can do that without leaving your house or picking up a phone! 

They offer two options to access your US Bank Meijer accounts from home. Their website is ideal for on-the-go users because it allows you to perform essential functions like checking balances and viewing recent activity. 

Plus, you can use any computer with an Internet connection—no software is needed!

2) Personal Loans:

Personal loans are simple in a few ways that other loan types may not be. You won’t need a credit check or collateral to get one; you don’t have to go through any financial hoops to qualify for a loan. 

They’re also fast, so even if you need some cash quickly, your application won’t take long to go through and receive it.

Loans from US Bank Meijer are perfect if you have good or excellent credit and want flexibility in how much money you borrow or when (and how often) you repay it.

3) Financial Planning Advice:

If you’re looking for a financial advisor who will work with you and get to know you, US Bank Meijer has several services to make your experience as comfortable as possible. 

For example, at their Merrill Lynch office, they offer a completely private environment that’s free from interruptions. They also offer one-on-one sessions with clients –no sales pitches here!

 Finally, there’s no cookie-cutter approach – their highly trained financial advisors tailor clients’ needs to their individual preferences and personalities. 

Whether you’re an investor or just starting, US Bank Meijer offers a range of tools and resources to help get your investment strategy started on solid footing.

4) Monthly Budget Worksheet:

Whatever type of budget you’re looking for, US Bank Meijer can assist with one-on-one counseling and customized advice to create a budget that works best for your situation. 

They can help you establish a baseline by looking at how much money you make each month, your expenses, and other financial obligations. Your budget will be customized to fit your needs and account for any monetary gaps or concerns. 

If you already have an established monthly budget, they can review it to ensure it fits your goals. From there, they can discuss ways to make it work even better for you.

5) Education Assistance:

US Bank provides financial services for consumers and businesses through its banking and private banking divisions. US Bank also offers wealth management services, including investment advisory, trust, insurance, and brokerage. 

The company operates through three divisions: 

  1. Business Banking 
  2. Retail Banking 
  3. Wealth Management 

In addition to its traditional branches, it operates business centers in small-to-medium-sized markets throughout its branch network. 

6) USAA Classic Checking:

US Bank Meijer offers a variety of banking services. One of their most popular is USAA Classic Checking which offers unlimited check writing, free online and mobile banking, no monthly service fees, and free access to over 20,000 ATMs. 

Other services include free outgoing domestic wire transfers, direct deposit, and overdraft protection. Many customers also like Meijer Money Market because it allows them to earn higher interest rates on their promises while still being able to write checks. 

Customers with $100 or more in a qualifying Meijer Credit Union checking account are automatically enrolled in ATM Advantage for accessing cash from another bank’s machines at no cost. 

They also offer insurance products like Auto & Home Insurance, Life Insurance through Northwestern Mutual, and Medicare Supplement Insurance.

7) Free Shredding Day:

US Bank Meijer has partnered with local law enforcement, who will be on hand to securely shred documents for those who wish to take advantage of free document destruction. It is an excellent service for businesses that need a complete data destruction solution. 

While computers and other electronic devices must be given to IT services or adequately disposed of by an electronics recycling company, paper documents can often be shredded at home using a high-quality shredder purchased from an office supply store such as Office Depot or Staples. 

However, not all paper shredders are made equal. Different classes of shredders are available depending on how confidential your information is and whether or not you want your shredded paper to be reusable or compostable.

8) Bill Pay Services:

With Bill Pay from US Bank Meijer, you can pay bills anytime and anywhere – even on your phone. Make single or recurring payments to anyone with a U.S. address, including banks, credit card companies, wireless carriers, and utilities. 

If they accept electronic payments by check or ACH, you can pay them online through their bank Meijer. Bill Pay also makes it easy to customize a payment amount so you can send more than just what’s due such as last month’s charges or get everything paid off early! Bill Pay is offered through their bank Meijer, Member FDIC.

9) Bank Secrecy Act Training:

The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) is a set of regulations established by the U.S. Treasury that require financial institutions to comply with anti-money laundering and recordkeeping requirements. 

The Bank Secrecy Act training program is designed to help Meijer employees identify and prevent money laundering and fraud and follow federal laws that govern business cash transactions. 

The training includes live role-playing games, real money practice scenarios, online quizzes, and certification testing upon completing the BSA training course material. 

Depending on your specific Meijer job description or title, you will be expected to complete a certain number of hours related to BSA compliance per year.

10) Business and Commercial Banking:

In addition to banking services, Meijer Bank partners with US Bank for wealth management advice; customers can access in-person consultations from top financial advisors at over 800 US Bank branches across North America. 

It’s a good choice for managing business and personal assets—convenient locations, helpful staff, and great products. You won’t be disappointed by US Meijer Bank.


Meijer Bank offers various products, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, lending services, and more. 

They provide free financial advice as well as financial education. Customers can also access additional investment advice and specialized health insurance information. 

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