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Paintings are fun to make and can be extremely rewarding when they look good! However, some people don’t have the talent or patience to sit down and paint an entire canvas from scratch. 

Fortunately, there are some simple cute easy paintings you can try that can turn out great even if you’re a total novice! Painting is a form of visual art. Colors are applied to a solid surface to make simple, cute paintings. 

The medium of painting is “paint pigments.” The pigments are usually mineral and organic, such as plants, vegetables, and animals. Paint pigments can be either liquid or solid.

What Tools Do I Need to Start Simple Cute Easy Paintings?

Paint is an essential part of simple cute easy paintings. Paper is another crucial material for your art. A paintbrush is the third item you’ll want to get before you start painting. 

Your fridge will be your new best friend as you explore different textures and colors on the casserole dish or muffin tin canvas. Then, all you’re left to do is try out designs! For this project, set up shapes (squares, circles, circles) on top of the casserole dish. 

Let the kids pick what they like and follow their lead. Then, once they are done with simple cute easy paintings and exploring their creativity, you can pop them into the oven (or refrigerator) until they harden like Play-Doh.

Which painting is best to start?

I recommend starting simple cute easy paintings with a simple face. Try using three colors (light, medium, and dark) to create different skin tones. Then, place each of the colors in separate dishes. 

Take a paintbrush (either natural hair or synthetic), dip it in the lightest shade, then use circular motions to dab on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, etcetera. Do this with all three colors until you have layered different shades of skin tone onto your canvas. 

Draw eyebrows and smile with the darkest color. Next, add eyes and lashes to give them personality.

The next step is outlining all shapes you see on your canvas, whether clothes, shoes, animals, or anything! After that, what story you want to tell is up to you! Lastly, fill empty spaces between these shapes with lighter colors for shadows.

How to choose the right kind of paint?

Choosing the right kind of paint for simple cute easy paintings is critical. There are so many available markets that it can be challenging to know which one to go to.

There are several things to consider before picking the right color for simple cute easy paintings.

First, the surface you’re painting is crucial, and different paints are better for other characters, so you’ll want to match your color with your painting surface.

What kind of paintbrush do you need?

Your choice of brush will depend on the kind of painting you want to do. Some people like to use acrylic paint, which requires a brush with synthetic bristles that hold many colors.

On the other hand, watercolor paints require a brush with natural bristles because they give more than the different types of brushes. 

There is even a brush for oil painting, but these are very expensive for beginners, so I won’t discuss them here. What size should my brush be? The length of your paintbrush depends on the size of your simple cute easy paintings or drawings. 

A small canvas might need a 2-inch-wide brush, while an enormous mural would require a 20-inch long brush!

The width also affects how thin or thick your line work is in your art project. For example, a thin line would be best if you use watercolors because the colors tend to blend easily when used side by side.

A thicker line would be better if you’re working with acrylics or oils, as they don’t blend well when applied next to each other.

How to prepare the surface you are going to paint?

I love painting, but I have always found it challenging to make simple cute easy paintings without a suitable surface. Therefore, it is essential to prepare the surface you will paint. This can be done by brushing a thin layer of gesso onto the surface. 

Gesso is a white acrylic primer that prepares your canvas for painting. It will also provide coverage for imperfections in the canvas or paper, such as old signatures or stains.

Next, you will want to prime your surface with either acrylic or oil paints. Acrylic paints are water-soluble, so they are not permanent unless you use an acrylic sealant over them after they have dried.

How to make your canvas at home?

The canvas is essential to make simple cute easy paintings. But first, you’ll need a canvas. Then, you can either buy one or make your own. A simple way to create a canvas is by using a large sheet of paper.

Then, find some paint that matches the colors you want on your canvas. I’m using red, blue, and yellow colors in this example. Pour the paint onto the paper so that it covers the entire surface of it.

Place your canvas on top of the paper. Carefully lift the edges of the paper so they do not touch anything. Let everything dry completely before moving them again. Now, you’re ready to start painting!


In this post, we learned how to make simple cute easy paintings to express yourself. Whether you want to paint something abstract or create a work of art on canvas, homemade paintings are inexpensive to add some personality to your space.

With just a few supplies from the dollar store (or your craft supplies), you can make these adorable paintings for the upcoming holiday season or any time of the year!

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