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Kasane is a psychological thriller manga series that will captivate readers with its unique story. Written and illustrated by Daruma Matsuura, the series follows the life of Kasane Fuchi, a high school girl with a deformed face inherited from her mother. 

When her actress mother suddenly passes away, Kasane is left with nothing but a mysterious lipstick that can swap faces with anyone she kisses.

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Kasane is an engaging manga series that tells the story of a high school girl named Kasane Fuchi. Kasane inherited her deformed face from her mother, who was a famous actress.

When her mother suddenly dies, Kasane is left with nothing but a mysterious lipstick that allows her to swap faces with anyone she kisses.

Determined to achieve her dream of becoming a famous actress, Kasane uses her newfound power to take on the faces of those around her.

However, as she becomes more successful, she begins to realise the consequences of her actions and the dark secrets that come with her power.

The manga explores themes such as beauty standards, identity, power, and the price of success. It also delves into the characters’ complex relationships and the unfolding events’ psychological effects.

Kasane’s character development is a central part of the story, as she evolves from a shy and self-conscious girl to a more assertive and cunning one, using her power to manipulate those around her.

However, as the story progresses, Kasane’s actions become increasingly morally ambiguous, and she struggles with the consequences of her choices.

The series introduces other interesting characters, including Nina Tanzawa, a fellow actress who becomes Kasane’s rival, and Sukeyo Fuchi, Kasane’s mother, who has her tragic past.

Overall, Kasane is a captivating manga series that tackles complex themes and character development, providing a dark and thought-provoking story that keeps readers on edge until the end.

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