pimple patches

Pimple patches are stickers (also known as acne stickers) you can apply on your pimple and can prevent the pimple from spreading.

In this article, we will look at the working of pimple patches, their effects, and people’s reviews.

How do pimple patches work?

The working of these patches is very simple. Before applying clean the skin thoroughly, and then apply these patches directly on your pimple. 

These patches help you avoid touching your pimples and provide a moist environment. If you want fast results, apply these patches before sleep and leave them overnight.


  1. It helps you to avoid touching pimples again and again.
  2. These patches absorb the fluid in your pimple and prevent pimple spreading.
  3. These patches help improve the healing process.
  4. It helps to keep a moist surface and provides fast recovery.


People’s reviews on pimple patches indicate that it is a very useful product. Most of the people had a positive review and were happy after using it.


Do pimple patches actually work?

“Yes” pimple patch is useful for pus-filled pimples and blackheads.

What are the disadvantages of pimple patches?

You can face itching, redness in that area, and skin irritation.

Do pimple patch heal pimples faster?

“Yes,” most patches contain a gell-forming material known as hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid is usually used for healing wounds including minor burns or bed sores.

Should I pop the pimple before the pimple patch?

No, it is recommended that you put a pimple patch directly on the pimple without popping it.

What to do after removing the pimple patch?

After removing the pimple patch gently clean your skin, and avoid touching that surface.

When should I stop using pimple patches?

If the pimple is not healing or you feel worsened then stop using the pimple patch, and consult a dermatologist.

Are pimple patches better than pimple cream?

Patch is better for whiteheads and pus-filled pimples, while creams offer wider applications and are used for various concerns.

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