Luer Slip Syringe

Are you wondering how to correctly use a Luer slip syringe? The syringe process is a critical one, and it can be challenging to use your tools successfully without the right information. Read on to learn more about the Luer slip syringe, as well as the best ways to use it. With this syringe knowledge, you’ll be able to use the tools better and more successfully.

Wash Hands & Prepare Your Supplies:

To properly use a luer slip syringe, first of all, it is important to wash your hands with soap and water to help avoid infection or contamination. Prepare the supplies necessary for the injection.

Make sure to use sterile, never-used medical syringes and needles, and luer slip adapters if necessary which you can find here. Attach a needle to the syringe with the luer slip adapter, and be sure to place all used needles in a sharps container.

Check Your Medicine:

When using a luer slip syringe to measure and administer medicine, the following steps should be taken to ensure that the medicine is accurately measured and administered safely. First, check the label of the medicine for instructions on the amount of medicine needed.

Ensure that the syringe is marked with the appropriate dose of medicine to be administered. Check that the syringe is clean and properly lubricated. Then completely draw the prescribed amount of medicine into the syringe as instructed. Check the medicine for clarity and consistency by drawing out a small amount first. 

Prepare the Syringe & Fill:

To properly use a luer slip syringe to prepare and fill it, begin by fitting the needle securely onto the syringe. Typically, the luer slip syringe has a plastic lock and/or top that must be twisted off prior to inserting the needle.

From there, draw air into the syringe equal to the amount of medication/fluid to be administered. Next, flip the syringe downwards so that the angle of the needle is parallel to the surface and the plunger head is up. To fill the syringe, simply insert the needle into the vial containing the medication/fluid and draw the plunger down to draw in the required amount of medication/fluid. 

Provide the Injection:

The process should always start with an antiseptic cloth to clean the area. Then the air must be drawn from the syringe by pushing the plunger to expel any remaining air. The medication is then drawn into the syringe through the needle using the plunger.

Next, the needle is injected into the tissue layer at 90 degree angle. The bevel of the needle should be facing the up as the injection is administered. When injecting, the plunger should be held in place to ensure a steady release of the medication. 

Safely Dispose of the Syringe:

After each use, the needle should be safely discarded. To do this, place the used syringe and the needle into a metal or hard plastic container with a lid, such as Pepsi bottle or coffee can. The container should be securely sealed and labeled “used needles” so it is not mistaken for trash.

The container should then be taken to a medical waste disposal facility, or to a local health department or waste management center for collection and disposal. Finally, the used syringe should be placed in an outside trash can or be incinerated. 

All About Luer Slip Syringe:

Using a Luer Slip Syringe is a safe and effective way to administer medications. With the proper technique, it can be used for a variety of different applications.

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