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If you’ve never been to China, you may not be familiar with some of the world’s most delicious foods. If you ever want to travel to China and eat your way around that country, you may want to start with this list of the top five China 1 foods you should try. 

All five of these dishes are incredibly delicious and popular in China 1. If they were all on one menu, it would be enough to make your mouth water just from looking at it!

China 1-Hot pot:

We bet you’ve never tried hot pot before. Hot pot is a big part of the culture in China, and it’s become a massive hit in America. 

Hot pot can be served almost anywhere in China, but some exceptionally exact spots will leave you wondering why you haven’t tried it sooner. It is also perfect for groups! 

From mild to spicy, a hot pot meal with any of these five foods will not disappoint your taste buds. If you want to ensure your hot pot experience is authentic and delicious, keep reading!

China 1-Kung Pao Chicken:

The popularity of Kung Pao Chicken is an excellent example of how China has influenced Western cuisine. The dish originated in Sichuan province and is still made there, but it’s more popular around China than at home. 

Some restaurants have attempted to tweak it for Western tastes—and some think these attempts are almost as reasonable as an authentic dish from home. 

When cooking Kung Pao chicken at home, you’re missing out if you don’t include chili peppers, a significant ingredient in Sichuan cuisine (in contrast to much other Chinese food). If you like spicy foods, add as many chilies as your taste buds allow.

China 1-Beef Fried Rice:

Fried rice is probably one of China’s most famous dishes. And with good reason. The fried rice dish is rice (white or brown) with bits of meat and vegetables that have been stir-fried, sautéed, or cooked in a wok. 

Its smoky flavor makes it so good, and its quick cooking time makes it easy to prepare at home! Add vegetables like carrots, peas, cauliflower, and corn for extra color and flavor.

Adding chopped tomatoes gives fried rice a fresh flavor but may also lighten up any red meat you throw in for added protein. A little onion can give your fried rice an Asian taste—it works well with chicken too!

China 1-General Tso’s chicken:

Invented in Taiwan by a chef named Peng, General Tso’s Chicken is a favorite of Americans and Asians. The chicken is breaded, deep fried, and topped with a sweet sauce with lemon juice, garlic, and ginger. 

If you love Asian food but can’t handle too much spice or heat, you’ll appreciate how to tame General Tso’s chicken can be. 

With a sweet-and-spicy flavor and tender pieces of meat, it’s probably one of your favorite takeout options—but if you haven’t tried to make it at home yet, get ready to become your favorite dinner date. 

But remember these two steps when making homemade general Tso’s chicken! First, use fresh ginger instead of the ground; it has a fresher taste and works better for marinating. Second, buy whole dried red chilies for an authentic touch.

China 1-Spicy Crab:

The best Chinese dish to start your journey is spicy crab. This dish comes from Hubei Province, China, and is a great way to test your tastebuds first. It can be eaten by hand or with chopsticks, but there are many more ways you can eat it than that. 

The rice, eggs, and crabs make a tasty dish you’ll want more after finishing it. In Hubei, they prefer their crabs cooked in their shells (cooked) instead of out of them (raw), but either way is tasty, depending on your mood! 

That’s why ordering both if you go somewhere to try it out for yourself!

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