As you know, phone calls are a very important source of communication in this digital era. Some phone calls may disturb you or create trouble for you. 

Similarly, the phone number “2069220880” puts people in confusion, and no one knows who is the caller.

Many people who received calls from this number shared their experiences on social media and the internet about this phone number. 

Most people’s reviews indicate that the caller is from Amazon Customer Services.

If you too received a call from this number then you have come to the right place because we are going to reveal the reality of this number. 

In this article, we will share all information about this number and investigate whether is this call really from Amazon Customer Services.

All information of 2069220880:

2069220880 is the US-located landline number. The area code (206) is used in the Seattle (the largest city in Washington) metro area and parts of King County and Kitsap County. 

Let us tell you here that Amazon’s headquarters are also located in Seattle, Washington. People have received more than 900 calls from this number. 

50% of people said the caller told them he was from Amazon customer service.

Reviews shared by people on 2069220880:

According to most people’s reviews, they are unknown about 2069220880 and want to know its origin. 

Some people said that it was Amazon’s outbound number and some said that the caller was Indian speaking man named “Ryan Jones”. Some people said the caller asked for details of my card and bank. 

2069220880 is still suspicious because the caller introduces himself as an Amazon customer services agent but the official number of Amazon customer landline is 1-888-280-4331.


In my opinion, if you receive a call from this number then clicking on the decline button is the best option. Reject these types of calls and don’t share any kind of information with the caller. 

If you have any issue related to Amazon then you can contact them on their official customer services number (1-888-280-4331). 

Amazon’s customer service team officially said that they never make the first call, if the customer contacts them then they will call their customer.

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