December 3, 2022
Way 1 Supermarket: Best For Freshest Groceries 

Way 1 Supermarket: Best For Freshest Groceries 

Way 1 Supermarket may not be the first grocery store you think of when picking up your weekly groceries, but it should be! If you’re looking for the freshest fruits, vegetables, and other items, you need to find a supermarket that emphasizes selling high-quality items. 

At Way 1 Supermarket in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they pride themselves on offering their customers healthy and delicious options they can use in their home cooking and baking projects. 

Stop by their grocery store any day of the week and check out the bounty of fresh produce they have waiting for you!

Get your weekly grocery staples:

It’s easy to shop for your weekly staples at Ann Arbor’s local supermarket, Way 1. You can find all of your standard grocery items and unique products you won’t find at other stores, like gluten-free options, fresh produce from local farms, and ethically-raised meats. 

You can also pick up hot meals, grab a quick bite, or stock up on snacks when you shop for groceries at Way 1. In addition to offering one of Ann Arbor’s largest selections of products, they provide their customers with fair prices and friendly service!

Fruits and vegetables:

If fresh fruits and vegetables are at the top of your shopping list, you’ll want to visit Way 1 Supermarket. The store specializes in organic produce, and you can be sure that anything you buy here will be as fresh as it gets. 

Plus, since everything is locally grown, there’s no better way to support local agriculture than by shopping at a place like Way 1 Supermarket. And did we mention that they offer a wide selection of gluten-free products? 

You can bet you won’t find preservatives or additives in any of their items!

Produce from around the world:

Stop in and check out Way 1’s wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, and produce. Whether you’re on your way to a healthy vegetarian diet or ensuring that your meat has been humanely raised, you can find what you need at Way 1. 

Stock up on staples like apples, bananas, and potatoes, or enjoy more exotic fare like dragonfruit, rambutan, and lychees. Whatever you need for your meals is here at Way 1. 

If you have questions about which items are best suited for your cooking needs, ask one of their friendly staff members, who are always ready to help. They’ll be happy to answer any questions about their store and its products. 

And if they don’t know an answer right away, they’ll do their best to find out! So stop by today and pick up some fresh food from around the world!

Seafood, deli, and cheese:

You’ll also find a great selection of fresh meats, seafood, and cheese. All Way 1 meat is freshly prepared in their kitchens. They use only high-quality ingredients and equip them with care, so you’re sure to enjoy flavors. 

They offer a wide variety of gourmet cheeses to enjoy your favorites. Come to Way 1 Supermarket today! They’re ready to help you get what you need.

International foods you might want to try out:

The grocery stores in Ann Arbor can be hit-or-miss when it comes to international foods, but Way 1 Supermarket stands out. This local store has a variety of international favorites you’re sure to love.  

Some of their more exotic offerings include everything from authentic Mexican products to fresh seafood from India. If you like spicy and flavorful food, check out Way 1 Supermarket for some natural treats!


Way 1 Supermarket also carries freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Conveniently located on Main Street in Ann Arbor, Way 1 Supermarket is easy to find. 

If you’re already running low on things like olive oil or non-perishables, you can also stop in for those items. Everything is fresh, but prices are reasonable.

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