Tapple Game

An exciting new game has recently been launched, unlike anything you’ve ever played. The tapple game, also known as the apple-picking game and the 60-second quiz is a fun way to play with friends.  

Tapple Game will challenge your brain to think on the fly and encourage you to respond creatively to different prompts. Played in real-time over a video call, this fun, fast-paced game will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Here’s how it works!

What Is the tapple game?

Tapple is a fun, fast-paced word game that’s a great way to start your next family game night. Players have ten seconds to develop as many words as possible using lettered dice and letter cards. 

Tapple is one of those games that’s very easy to learn but offers enough complexity (and requires quick thinking) to keep you on your toes as you play repeatedly. 

At under $20, it’s also one of the favorite affordable gifts for families with young children or tweens who are just learning how to spell; older family members will also enjoy it!

How Do you Play Tapple?

Tapple is a fast-paced word game where each player takes turns to ask yes or no questions about what words other players are thinking of. To start playing, each player writes down a word without telling anyone else. 

Then, everyone flips their cards over and begins asking one another yes or no questions to deduce which word is on each card. If you answer yes when asked a question (or if you ask someone else that they answer yes), then it counts as a point against you. 

If you get five points, then you’re out! It’s important to note that there’s no guessing; if someone asks you something that your card doesn’t match, it doesn’t count as a point against you.

What Are the Different Levels in Tapple Game?

Tapple game has three different game modes; within those modes are two different difficulty levels. Casual mode suits all skill levels, but you’ll want to choose advanced for a real challenge (and bragging rights).

In both levels of play, your goal is similar: Be the first person or team to use every letter in your tapples (which are made up of words that begin with certain letters) before anyone else. 

At its core, Tapple is an anagram word game—the idea is that you use your letter tiles (the tapples) to make as many anagrams as possible so that each player has one tapple with each letter on it by the end of their turn.

How can you play the Tapple game on your Mobile Phone?

If you’re familiar with pinyin and hanzi, you might wonder how they help you play Tapple Game. That’s because tapple is a portmanteau of tap and apple. As it turns out, Tapples are based on Chinese characters. 

There are six different types of apples in total—you know them as blue, green, orange, purple, red, and white—and each corresponds to a specific category of words like person, place, or thing. 

For example, if you think of something that starts with b (like banana), taps that letter on your phone screen. But don’t stop there! Continue tapping letters until you create a complete word, then pass your phone to your opponent for them to guess what you thought. Whoever guesses correctly gets points added to their score!

Tapple game for Mobile Phones:

If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced game for your phone or tablet, look no further than Tapple. This incredibly addicting word game is available for both iOS and Android. It has an easy interface with basic rules; once you play a few rounds, it’s easy to get hooked on Tapple. 

Play alone or battle a friend in real-time. You can choose from categories like Food & Drink, Jobs & Places, Personality Traits, and more. 

There are also achievements and leaderboards so you can see how well you stack up against your friends. With over 100 levels of gameplay, there’s plenty of entertainment value in Tapple Game! Download it today!

Tips for playing Tapple on Mobile Phone:

If you Want to play a word game that challenges your brain and gets everyone involved in a casual setting, Tapple is an excellent choice. Here are some tips for playing and winning at Tapple. 

Know how Tapple works, why you need it on your iPad and iPhone, and how to get started playing with friends, family, or colleagues! 2 Ways to Play: There are two ways to play Tapple, which we’ll call Classic and Competitive. 

In Classic mode, each player takes turns spinning the wheel. Whoever lands on a category must draw a card from that category and make up a word within 30 seconds; players then vote for their favorite word by pressing its button (or tapping if they have an Apple Watch). 

When everyone has voted, whoever has earned the most votes wins points based on what letter their spin landed them on—A makes 3 points, B earns 2 points, etc., so long as they have created at least one new letter from scratch.


I hope you understand how to play the tapple game. Buy now and have fun with your friends and family.

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