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A hidden gem in the world of tobacco enthusiasts, Smokers Haven has a rich history that dates back to its inception in June 1940. Joseph Ziv, his wife Anna, and his brother-in-law Sid Ritter founded this specialty tobacco shop. What a remarkable journey through the decades. Today, under the guidance of Primal Cheda, it serves as a haven for those who appreciate the finer aspects of smoking, including pipes, pipe tobacco, cigars, and lighters.

The Early Years: Pioneers in Pipe and Tobacco Retail

From the 1940s to the late 1970s, Smokers Haven grew and gained recognition as one of the largest and most prominent pipe and tobacco shops worldwide. With an inventory that includes over 10,000 English pipes and a wide range of high-quality pipe tobacco blends, Joseph & Sid elevates the smoking experience for their vast customer base, numbering over 60,000. His dedication to quality was evident as he often traveled to England to develop unique tobacco blends and new pipe shapes for GBD pipes.

These efforts established Smoker’s Haven as a place where the discerning tobacco user could find a wealth of smoking accessories and compounds, all carefully met to the highest standards.

The Turbulent Years: Adapting to Changing Markets

However, by the late 1970s and early 1980s, the pipe market began to decline, and many suppliers discontinued their pipes and tobacco products. In 1983, Joe Ziv retired, leading to the sale of Smoker’s Haven. Unfortunately, the new owner couldn’t adapt to the changing market, and the smoker’s haven was on the verge of disappearing.

The Resurgence: A Family’s Dedication to Tradition

In 1987, Premal Chedda’s father Arvind Chedda stepped in to save Smokers Haven from its critical condition. In the late 1980s and 1990s, attention shifted to cigars, in line with the evolving preferences of smokers. This change not only ensured the shop’s survival but also allowed it to thrive in a changing market.

In 1999, Premal Chheda continued the Smoker’s Haven legacy and commitment to excellence in smoking experiences. Premal, inspired by Joseph Ziv’s vision and dedication to customers, expanded the store’s offerings. Since the year 2000, Smokers Haven has reintroduced the specialty products that made it famous, once again becoming a destination for pipe, tobacco, cigar, and lighter enthusiasts.

The Smokers Haven Experience:

A smoker’s haven is more than just a shop. It is a haven for those who appreciate the finer aspects of smoking. Dedication to quality, rich history, and an ever-evolving commitment to serving our customers have set Smokers’ Haven apart. As a mail-order facility with limited office hours, Smokers’ Haven maintains a unique approach to its service, ensuring that those seeking its products receive a personalized and tailored experience.

Contacting Smokers Haven:

To explore the world of Smokers’ Haven, you can reach out through various means:

Local Phone: (614)-299-2442

Toll-Free Phone: (866)-SMHAVEN or (866)-764-2836


Address: 7919 Station St., Columbus, OH 43235

Office Hours of Operation:

Please note that Smokers Haven is by appointment only and is not a traditional retail location. To schedule a visit during office hours, contact them by phone or email:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Tuesday and Saturday: By appointment only

Sunday: Closed

Smoker’s Haven’s quality, tradition, and constantly evolving approach to serving its customers make it a unique institution in the tobacco world. For enthusiasts and aficionados, it remains the place to experience the best in pipes, pipe tobacco, cigars, and lighters, while immersing oneself in a rich history spanning eight decades.

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