rowlands pharmacy

Rowlands Pharmacy is one of the popular pharmacies in the United Kingdom. The pharmacy has provided services with knowledgeable staff and high-quality healthcare for many years. It is part of Watson Group, one of the largest health and beauty retailers in Europe and Asia.

Rowlands Pharmacy is very conscious of providing high-quality healthcare services to the people. It is considered one of the most reliable pharmacies in the united kingdom.

Services offered by Rowlands Pharmacy:

As the best pharmacy in the united kingdom, it provides a wide range of medicine and medical care instruments. It also provides prescription medication, over-the-counter remedies, health and beauty products, vitamins, supplements, medical equipment, and more facilities! 

If you are not in the mood to visit the pharmacy, don’t worry; it also provides online services. You can order medicines online for your convenience. They can provide travel vaccinations, stop-smoking support, medication reviews, diabetes screening and support, private consultations, and more. 

They are also able to provide emergency contraception and treatment for minor ailments. Rowlands Pharmacy is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to its customers, regardless of their needs. 

Convenient locations:

Rowlands Pharmacy provides services in Uk with more than 400 convenient locations. The store locator feature on the Rowlands Pharmacy website allows customers to quickly and easily search for their nearest store. 

You can find Rowlands pharmacies in community settings such as shopping centers or high streets, and they can also be found in hospitals, and some supermarkets and large retailers also have stores.

Professional and experienced staff: 

As well as a well-known pharmacy in the united kingdom, Rowlands Pharmacy is also known for its professional and experienced staff. They have qualified professionals who understand the needs of their customers and can offer advice on various topics. 

Pharmacists are knowledgeable about the medications available and can explain the potential side effects or interactions with other drugs. They also provide information to their customers about insurance coverage for prescription medications. 

Overall, Rowlands pharmacy has experienced and knowledgeable staff who are friendly to their customers and provide satisfied customer service.

Career Opportunity at Rowlands Pharmacy:

The pharmacy also provides a wide selection of career opportunities around the united kingdom. Currently, they provide more than 300 vacancies, including Pharmacy Technicians, Healthcare Professionals, Store Managers, and Senior Store Managers. 

They also provide several benefits to their employees, competitive pay, flexible working hours, comprehensive employee benefits packages, and bonuses. It also motivates their employees to improve their skills and provides them with job safety, improvement opportunities, and medical facilities.


Rowlands Pharmacy is a well-known pharmacy in the united kingdom for its quality medical care medicine, medical equipment, and best customer service, with 400 branches around the UK. They also provide different benefits to their employees and career opportunities for educated and skilled people in different fields.

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