psychic studies manhwa english

“Psychic Studies Manhwa English” is a Korean manhwa that follows the story of Kang Ki-Gwang, a young man with psychic abilities who works as a professor of psychology at a university. Ki-Gwang uses his psychic powers to solve cases involving the supernatural, often working with the police to investigate strange occurrences. 

The manhwa combines elements of horror, mystery, and fantasy with a focus on the supernatural and paranormal.


Kang Ki-Gwang: 

The main character and protagonist of “Psychic Studies Manhwa English.” He possesses psychic abilities that allow him to see the spirits of the dead and communicate with them. As a professor of psychology, he approaches his investigations with a scientific mindset but also grapples with the possibility of an afterlife and the existence of the human soul.

Lee Hwa-Rin: 

A police detective who frequently works with Ki-Gwang on investigations involving the supernatural. Initially skeptical of Ki-Gwang’s psychic abilities, she gradually trusts and relies on him.

Kim Joon-Ho: 

Ki-Gwang’s colleague and friend, who is also a professor of psychology. He is skeptical of Ki-Gwang’s psychic abilities and often serves as a foil to Ki-Gwang’s more spiritual approach to investigations.


The Supernatural:

“Psychic Studies Manhwa English” explores various supernatural themes, from ghosts and spirits to curses and possessions. Ki-Gwang’s psychic abilities allow him to communicate with these supernatural beings and unravel the mysteries surrounding their deaths or haunting.

Science vs. Spirituality: 

As a professor of psychology, Ki-Gwang approaches his investigations with a scientific mindset, using his knowledge of the human mind and behavior to solve cases. However, his psychic abilities also force him to confront the possibility of an afterlife and the existence of the human soul, leading him to question his own beliefs and the limitations of science.

Trauma and Grief: 

Many of the cases that Ki-Gwang investigates involve the spirits of those who have suffered violent deaths or who are struggling to find peace in the afterlife. As he helps these spirits find closure, Ki-Gwang also confronts his past traumas and struggles with loss.

Story Arcs:

Investigating Haunted Houses: 

In the early chapters of “Psychic Studies Manhwa English,” Ki-Gwang investigates a series of haunted houses connected to a conspiracy involving the supernatural.

Murder Mysteries: 

Throughout the Psychic Studies Manhwa English, Ki-Gwang investigates several murders and other crimes that involve the supernatural, often working with the police to solve these cases.

Confronting the Past: 

As Ki-Gwang delves deeper into his investigations, he confronts his past traumas and struggles with loss. These personal storylines become increasingly important as the manhwa progresses.


Overall, “Psychic Studies” is a complex and engaging manhwa that blends horror, mystery, and spirituality to create a unique and thought-provoking story. Its exploration of the intersection of science and spirituality and its examination of the human psyche and the nature of grief make it a compelling read for fans of supernatural fiction.

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