play street museum

Play Street Museum is an all-indoor children’s museum and indoor play area. It offers imaginative toys, games, and activities that entertain and engage children of all ages through play. 

If you’re looking for something educational and fun with your child, this might be the place to spend quality time together without leaving your hometown! 


Play Street Museum is a children’s museum with an indoor play area. It has classrooms, an outdoor garden, and climbing trees. There is also a cafe where parents can get food or coffee while their kids play. 

No admission fees or memberships are required. It is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm.

What makes Play Street Museum the best children’s museum?

Play Street Museum is the best children’s museum in the area. It is a fun, educational experience for all ages. There are many exhibits to explore, including a mini grocery store, the firehouse, an art studio, a vet clinic, a pediatrician’s office, and more! 

With so many hands-on activities, you will surely find something your little one will enjoy. It is an indoor play space and a children’s museum, which means it is perfect all year round. 

Hours of operation vary by season, but they are open every day except for major holidays. They do not take reservations, but there is usually enough room for walk-ins.

Why is an indoor play area important?

An indoor play area is important for many reasons. The first is that children can still get exercise when the weather isn’t cooperating. It also helps protect them from the sun, which is especially important for those with light skin tones. 

Playing indoors can help limit screen time, which can be a problem with children of all ages, but it may be especially problematic for young ones learning how to use a tablet or other device for entertainment. 

Lastly, an indoor play area gives parents more freedom without worrying about their child being out in public and getting lost or hurt (especially if there are stairs).

What are some of the features of Play Street Museum?

Play Street Museum offers an indoor play area with slides, tunnels, ball pits, a train set, a pirate ship, and more. Children can explore different rooms in the museum, each with its theme. Kids can pretend to be doctors in the doctor’s room or even firefighters in the fire station. 

Each room has several activities that kids can enjoy while they explore their surroundings. For example, in the firefighter room, there is a spinning pole where kids can practice how to put out fires. 

Outside the museum, there are two swingsets and jungle gym equipment for older kids to enjoy themselves while waiting for their friends to finish playing.


Located in Arkansas; DFW, Texas; Houston, Texas Lubbock, Texas; Colorado, Portland; and Oregon, Missouri.

The museum features exhibits that are geared toward families who come from all economic backgrounds.


In conclusion, children love going to indoor playgrounds and museums for all sorts of reasons: to learn new things, to see toys, animals, or people in person that they’ve only seen on television before, or just because they like exploring indoor areas with their parents. 

Children are natural explorers who are incredibly curious about the world around them.

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