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The Parkway Athletic Club in Reno is an excellent place to work out and stay in shape, but not just because it’s conveniently located and affordable. There are plenty of other gyms in the area with similar prices, but few can match the experience you’ll have at this gym! 

From the excellent, welcoming staff to clean facilities to fun group fitness classes and personal training options, the Parkway Athletic Club offers everything you need to work out safely and effectively while maintaining your health and enjoying exercise! 

Here are seven reasons why the Parkway Athletic Club is the best place to work out in Reno.

1) Unlimited Access:

Most gyms limit your access to only a certain number of machines or classes per month. It means you can’t attend as many workouts as you want, which makes working out inconvenient.

 If it’s hard for you to get into fitness shape, buying a membership at Parkway Athletic Club (PAC) will save your life. Not only do they not limit how many times you can use their facilities each month, but they also provide more amenities than any other gym in town! 

For example, their pool isn’t just for lap swimming; its primary purpose is for water exercise classes like Pilates and water aerobics. Parkway Athletic Club has one of the most well-equipped strength training areas in town, with lots of free weights, benches, dumbbells, and machines that help you tone up fast!

2) First-Class Equipment:

The Parkway Athletic Club’s facility is almost as impressive as its staff. They have all of your favorite machines and weights, and they’ve got tons of classes on offer and a lap pool to help you get a full-body workout in. 

Parkway Athletic Club’s equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, exercise bikes, and more—including some pieces made exclusively for their club! Their cardio machines make it easy to track your progress when you’re working on losing weight or keeping up with your heart health.

3) Clean Facilities:

Clean facilities are essential, not only for your workout but also for your overall health. At Parkway Athletic Club, their #1 priority has always been that their clients have a safe and clean place to work out in. 

A lot of money goes into ensuring that their club is clean and sanitized—and they feel it’s well worth it! They want every member at Parkway AC to be able to focus on their fitness journey—not on worrying about whether or not they will catch a germ from someone else. 

4) Helpful Staff:

Everyone at Parkway Athletic Club goes out of their way to ensure you have an excellent working-out experience. 

Parkway Athletic Club ensures that they go above and beyond their customer’s expectations by providing a warm, friendly environment that makes it as easy as possible for people of all ages and fitness levels to stay motivated. 

Your happiness and health are important to them, so you’ll always be greeted with a smile.

5) Great Hours:

Their hours are great! You don’t have to wake up at 4 am and schlep yourself all over town looking for an open place. 

They’re open from 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM every day, so you can get your workout done when it best suits your schedule. They’ve got you covered no matter when you need quick training.

6) The People:

Parkways are about more than just working out; it’s also about being a part of a community. Their members come from all walks of life and love getting to know everyone. 

Each has different reasons for joining their gym, but they all share similar goals; get fit, lose weight and become healthier. As a member, you can enjoy their success alongside them as they move toward their health and fitness goals.

7) The Pricing:

There are more than enough gyms where you can spend $40-100 per month, but why pay all that if you don’t have to? Here at Parkway Athletic Club, they don’t try to hit you with hidden fees or make things complicated. 

They want their members to use their membership fully! As long as your attendance and usage of their facilities remain consistent, your monthly dues won’t change. That’s how confident they are that everyone can afford a gym membership there.


Public facilities, like YMCA and fitness centers, are often crowded and don’t allow members much privacy. It can make it challenging to get a good workout with equipment that may not be set up correctly or safely. You will have little to no control over your environment at one of these gyms, so Parkway Athletic Club is the best option.

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