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Behold the extraordinary enchantment of Magic Mixies by Moose Toys—an unparalleled conduit to otherworldly amusement! Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of vibrant personas and their bewitching prowess as these wondrous creatures intertwine a mesmerizing narrative with ground-breaking gameplay.

Prepare to be captivated by resplendent visuals and enchanting melodies that transport you to a realm of boundless merriment spanning generations. Embracing simplicity in setup and usability, even the youngest of players can readily embark on this fantastical journey. 

Whether seeking a portal to boundless creativity or a conduit to cherished family moments, look no further than the extraordinary allure of Magic Mixies!

What is Magic Mixies?

Magic Mixies stands as a collection of interactive toys meticulously crafted to immerse children of all ages in a realm of imaginative play and magical mirth. These resplendent, collectible figurines don an array of hues, each harboring a distinctive persona, saga, and extraordinary aptitude.

Within the embrace of a Magic Mixie, a beloved companion pet and a plethora of extraordinary accessories await—wands, wings, and jewels—all designed to conjure a mystical experience for the young adventurers. 

Delighting in a wealth of engaging features, these whimsical playthings transcend mere motion, summoning forth intricate soundscapes. The interactive tales, games, and activities embedded within the realm of Magic Mixies offer endless avenues for exploration within this fantastical universe.

Moose Toys:

Moose Toys, a clandestine entity born amidst the evocative landscapes of Melbourne, Australia, in 1985, now stands as a privately-owned empire.

Initially serving as a modest distributor of eccentric novelties and revelry requisites, it has metamorphosed into a global dominion of toys, distinguished by an unwavering devotion to pioneering designs and imaginative creations.

Within the illustrious realm of Moose Toys, a vast array of wondrous playthings manifests—Magic Mixies, collectible realms of toys, craft and activity ensembles, dolls, and action figures. Its enthralling creations have come to fruition in a symphony of acclaimed toy lines, including the venerable Shopkins, Little Live Pets, The Trash Pack, and Pixels.

Amongst the hallowed halls of Moose Toys, myriad prodigious creations have burgeoned, capturing the hearts of children and collectors alike. In particular, the following lines have reigned supreme in the fickle kingdom of toy aficionados:


Infinite delight takes form in the minuscule, collectible embodiments known as Shopkins—effigies molded in the likeness of everyday objects and tantalizing comestibles.

Each enchanting Shopkin boasts an inimitable name and persona, forming a vast collection of hundreds of distinct characters eagerly sought by collectors far and wide.

Little Live Pets:

Within the bosom of Little Live Pets resides an assemblage of interactive creatures that mirror the very essence of their living counterparts. These diminutive companions frolic and emit dulcet tones akin to real-world pets. A menagerie of birds, mice, and puppies exists within this captivating line.

The Trash Pack:

Behold the mystique concealed within the enigmatic confines of The Trash Pack—an assemblage of petite, collectible effigies shaped in the visage of refuse and detritus. Each figurine represents a unique category of discarded ephemera, propelling collectors into a frenzy to amass the countless characters inhabiting this illustrious realm.


Drawing inspiration from the ethereal annals of classic video games, Pixels materializes as a resplendent menagerie of pixelated figurines. Paying homage to the esteemed likes of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, this toy line embraces an eclectic array of characters from diverse video game franchises, delivering an undeniable sense of nostalgia.

Magic Mixies:

In recent times, Magic Mixies have ascended the echelons of popularity, owing to their effervescent personalities and immersive interactive attributes. Through captivating narratives and enticing activities, these enigmatic entities furnish an unprecedented avenue for children to forge realms teeming with boundless imagination. 

The capacity to amass treasured characters and assemble a personal pantheon of magical beings further amplifies the allure of Magic Mixies.


Prepare to traverse realms bound only by the limits of your own creativity, where Magic Mixies unveils an endless tapestry of imaginative play and bewitching amusement.

Irrespective of whether your visage reflects the innocence of youth or the wisdom of age, each interactive treasure harbors an enigmatic essence that reignites the flame of your inner child. With an opulent spectrum of characters and accouterments at your disposal, Magic Mixies shall enrapture and engage your cherished progeny for hours on end.

Thus, should you find yourself seeking a novel means to kindle the fires of wonder within the hearts of your cherished ones, rest assured that Magic Mixies shall deliver an extraordinary odyssey beyond compare!

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