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Finding your vehicle quickly in the enormous parking lot at the airport can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you’ve ever been there, you know what I mean. 

The people who created an app called lot vision know precisely how you feel because they once parked themselves and were desperate to find their car as soon as possible. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the features that make lot vision such an effective tool for tracking down your car in any situation and how it’s designed to make your life easier every time you use it at the airport or any other big parking lot.

What is Lot Vision?

Lot Vision is a mobile app for Android and iPhone users that lets you quickly find your vehicle in crowded parking lots. It uses technology to recognise your car from afar, showing you its exact location on a map so you can get out of there faster. 

Let’s say you’re walking across a large parking lot at an amusement park during peak season with some friends, and it’s hard to spot your car. 

Using Lot Vision, all you’d have to do is hold up your phone, and it would alert you when you’re getting close to your car while also telling you how far away it is! No more wandering around large parking lots like a goon searching for his ride!

How Do You Get It?

Lot Vision is a free app for iOS and Android users. It can be helpful when driving in busy cities or crowded spaces where you can’t quite remember where you left your car. Use your phone to take a picture of your parking lot, showing you where you parked.

How Does it Work?

Lot Vision uses global positioning and motion sensors to determine where your vehicle is parked, when you pull into a parking lot, open Lot Vision on your smartphone, which will direct you to your car in turn-by-turn directions. 

Since parking lots are large, often disorganised spaces, finding your car in a crowd can be difficult; even if you remember where you parked, vehicles look very similar in lots. 

Lots also tend to get crowded at events, so knowing how to find your way out of them quickly is essential. That is why they created Lot Vision!

Buying, selling and transporting cars:

With Lot Vision, you can check your vehicle’s location via GPS. Also helpful for parents of teens who don’t want them sneaking off anywhere! 

This app is great because it helps people find their cars quickly and lets users know if anyone has been in their vehicle while away. It prevents theft and gives peace of mind to those who have children or teens driving around town. 

It will also help people trying to sell and buy a car or truck because it ensures they are not leaving anything behind when they leave their vehicles at a dealership or lot.

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