koha cat food

Koha Cat Food is the premier cat food in the country because of its commitment to top quality, safety, and delicious flavor. So why would you choose anything else? Here are the top 10 reasons you should feed your cat Koha Cat Food.

1) Why koha cat food is better?

Good pet food doesn’t have to cost more. It’s not fair that a tiny bag of grain makes it easier for some companies to sell a premium product at an inflated price, but that’s just how it is.

At Koha, they decided long ago that they would make quality pet food available for anyone who wanted it—not just those who could afford it. They use only high-quality proteins sourced from chicken, salmon, and lamb and add daily vitamins and nutrients your cat needs.

2) There are no scary ingredients in koha cat food:

They use only natural, wholesome ingredients that you’ll recognize and be able to pronounce. Here’s a complete list of all of their ingredients! They use no byproducts, fillers, or preservatives. And they ensure that everything is made in America; most of their products are made in Oregon!

That means more American jobs and more American-sourced foods for your furry friend. See an ingredient on their list that isn’t familiar? Feel free to ask them about it at any time! They’re always happy to answer any questions about what goes into their food.

3) Their natural supplements are organic and effective

If your cat is a picky eater, you may have issues getting them to enjoy their food. It can cause them to become underweight or even malnourished over time. However, their cat supplements are all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals or toxins adversely affecting your pet.

Mix it with their kibble, and they’ll eat like royalty in no time! Their products promote good dental health: One of the most important things they teach people about caring for their pets is that brushing their teeth is a must. It can help reduce plaque buildup and keep your cat’s oral health at optimal levels.

4) Koha helps you save time and money:

Not only does it save you time in meal prep, but every bag of our kibble lasts up to two weeks. That’s right, just one 4-pound bag can give your cat 12+ days of food! It helps you save money on cat food and trips to pet supply stores. Not having to make an extra trip is a relief in and of itself!

And as a bonus: thanks to their high-quality ingredients and balanced diet, your cat won’t need those treats anymore — they’ll be getting enough with every meal! Oh — and they’re so confident that your cat will love their food that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or double your money back.

5) You can find them at most grocery stores:

Although not all grocery stores carry koha cat food, most do. Check your local stores today, and you’ll probably find koha cat food. Keep looking if you don’t see koha on your first stop – try asking them to order some for you.

They promise that their delicious, wholesome foods taste as good as they look and that they will be hooked once your cat tries them. You’ll fall in love with their food; they think it’s tasty too!

6) Koha cat food quality products will improve your cat’s health:

Their food contains fewer calories than many leading brands, so your cat will eat less, and their ingredients are selected based on nutritional value, so you know that your cat is getting everything it needs.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about preservatives or sugar in their products because they use fresh meat—not meat byproducts—to make their delicious flavors.

The result? You’ll feed fewer calories (thus helping your cat lose weight), offer better nutrition, and save money. That’s right: With Koha cat food, you can enjoy a happy, healthy feline without breaking your budget!

7) Koha cat food is the only source from American farmers and manufacturers:

America has high standards for animal welfare, which makes a big difference when trying to keep your cat healthy and happy. That’s why koha cat food only sources their food from American farmers and manufacturers: They share their values and work tirelessly to craft tasty recipes with premium-quality ingredients.

By sticking with US suppliers, they can be sure that all of their foods are high-quality, safe, and nutritious for your pet. The same goes for any other treats or toys you buy.

8) Superior customer service

Their free call center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact them and speak with one of their experienced pet nutritionists, who can help you determine which product best fits your cat’s nutritional needs. You can also ask about their seasonal promotions for an even deeper discount!

9) Why choose brands with preservatives?

When you feed your cat koha cat food, you want a product free of preservatives and additives so that it doesn’t interfere with your pet’s digestive system. Cats have a high metabolism and eat very little, making them more susceptible to these toxins in their food.

With koha cat food, you can be sure your feline companion is getting an all-natural product without harmful chemicals or additives.

10) How do you stop your cat from being finicky about her food?

To stop finicky cats from turning their nose up at a new food, slowly mix it with their current brand for several days. Most finicky eaters eventually come around, as long as you’re patient.

You can also try placing a small amount of your cat’s preferred food on top of her dish and mixing in some of her favorite food. Be careful that she doesn’t consume too much of her favorite food, or she may not have an appetite for anything else.


Koha cat food has been the number one choice of many cat owners for years, with good reason! Koha cat food is made from only the best, high-quality ingredients and provides your cat with all the nutrients it needs to lead a happy, healthy life. Their dry cat food recipe is USDA-certified and made without corn or soy. 

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