is energy a good career path

Is Energy A Good Career Path? If you’re looking at energy as your career path, you’re not alone. Energy as a career has seen explosive growth in recent years, and it seems that growth will continue far into the future before jumping into an energy career.

However, it’s always best to look at all the options to find one that best suits your personality and interests to ensure you find the perfect position to propel your career forward in the right direction. Here are five reasons why energy is such a great career path!

1) There are lots of jobs

In other words, energy professionals have many opportunities to enjoy a great career. Suppose you’re interested in pursuing a career in energy and making a difference. In that case, these are five reasons why energy may be a good career path.

The number of jobs associated with energy and renewable resources is expected to grow dramatically over the next decade as many industries continue moving toward sustainable energy sources—which is also great news for job seekers looking for work. 

2) The job market is strong

With a wide range of career paths available, employers are looking to attract talent and develop employees for long-term success. If you’re considering Is Energy A Good Career Path? Several reasons it’s one of today’s top professional choices: salary potential, job outlook, and work-life balance.

The data proves it: energy jobs—including everything from oil and gas to green energy—are projected to grow by more than 18 percent by 2022. That’s far faster than average, with some positions that see salaries well into six figures in areas like engineering.

3) Many careers within one field

In some fields, there are a variety of career paths. For example, in law, paralegal work falls under the legal profession. If you’re wondering whether energy is a good career path, note that many careers fall under it. 

Some examples include mining engineers, geologists,s and mathematicians. Moreover, jobs like supply chain management and HR analyst also fall within energy because all businesses rely on their supply chain to run efficiently and fairly and require HR for day-to-day operations. 

With so many options, choosing one can be very difficult. But if you love math and science, energy might be a great field to consider as your future career path.

4) You will make a difference

Our world runs on energy, and many ways exist to help provide it. If you want to be a part of something greater than yourself, and if you want a career that’s both personally rewarding and impacts society, then an energy career may be for you. 

Here are some reasons Is Energy A Good Career Path: 

1. Better Future While some careers have diminishing returns when it comes to good actions vs. outstanding achievements, an energy career can impact lives for generations at once: from finding alternatives to fossil fuels (which emit greenhouse gases that cause climate change) to new-found reserves of renewable resources like wind, solar or geothermal power. 

2. The World Needs You. Your work matters – not just to you. By pursuing a career in energy, you could make strides toward solving one of our most significant challenges: global warming caused by pollution generated by burning fossil fuels. 

3. Excellent Income With opportunities available across all sectors – oil & gas, renewables, nuclear – there’s bound to be a place where your skills will shine no matter what field you choose to enter first. 

4. Supportive Environment As with most industries today, working with people who share similar interests and beliefs can help build a supportive environment where everyone feels valued – even though they all bring unique perspectives to their work! 

5. Exciting Opportunities There’s more than one way to do well by doing good – and working in energy offers plenty of options for those interested in social entrepreneurship and traditional paths into engineering, finance, or other business fields. 

6. Industry Leader There are so many jobs within the energy that you could easily find your niche within any sector – whether you prefer being out in nature with solar panels or closer to home with wind turbines! 7. Opportunities Abound Whether you dream of making a difference or simply earning a good living, there are endless possibilities for how your energy career can evolve. 

8. Helping People We live in an interconnected world; we rely on each other daily to accomplish big and small tasks, which means we all need each other now more than ever. 

9. Variety No two days will ever be alike! And that’s a good thing. 

10. You Can Be Part of It All As long as there is energy demand, there will be room for innovators and problem solvers who can keep us moving toward a brighter future. 

11. Global Impact While many careers offer personal satisfaction and fulfillment, few provide the opportunity to impact so many lives around the globe positively – especially while protecting our planet along the way! 

12. Impactful Work When you know that your job can make a real difference, it becomes easier to get up in the morning and go to work. 

13. Job Security With the right combination of training and experience, you’ll be able to move between energy companies or different parts of the industry without much trouble. 

14. A Brighter Future With the proper education, you can pursue an energy career that will put you on a path to success – and give you ample opportunity to grow along the way! 

15. A Bright Future for Everyone In a world where energy is used to solve problems and help improve lives, there’s plenty of room for you to contribute. 

16. A Cleaner Future While some careers have diminishing returns when it comes to good actions vs. outstanding achievements, an energy career can impact lives for generations at once: from finding alternatives to fossil fuels (which emit greenhouse gases that cause climate change) to new-found reserves of renewable resources like wind, solar or geothermal power. 

17. A More Sustainable Future Energy is the lifeblood of modern civilization, and it’s a career path that can help you make it cleaner and greener.

5) People need you

The energy sector in America and abroad needs workers to fill open jobs. For example, a recent report by GE Power noted that by 2035, there would be six million new energy jobs worldwide — about 80 percent of which will be outside traditional power generation areas like oil, gas, and coal. Many of these jobs could be in solar energy or wind power. 

Another factor that makes a career in energy so attractive for job seekers is how quickly it’s growing; according to U.S. Department of Labor projections from April 2016,

the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in natural resources/mining and utilities to grow 10 percent between 2014 and 2024 – faster than most industries (7 percent) over that period. The BLS projects 667,100 new jobs over that time frame.

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