Good Friday 2024

Good Friday 2024 will occur on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It celebrates in commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

On this day, Christians worldwide remember how their savior was brutally beaten, mocked, and hung on the cross.

This article will explore what Good Friday is, what it means to Christians, why it’s important to commemorate this day every year, and when good Friday 2024 is.

What is Good Friday?

According to Christians, Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified and is celebrated on Friday before Easter Sunday.

The day before, called Holy Thursday, Jesus was given bread and wine to represent his body and blood, respectively. 

The next day, Resurrection Sunday, he rose from the dead and appeared to many people before ascending to heaven.

These events are celebrated in Christianity as one story with three essential parts (The Holy Trinity).

A person who celebrates this event is called a Christian. There are different types of Christianity, including Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Mormon, and Jehovah’s Witness (to name a few).

These groups believe slightly other things, but they all celebrate this event as an essential part of their religion.

Where Did the Name ‘Good Friday’ Come From?

Some people believe that the name Good Friday comes from the idea that on this day, Jesus was crucified and sacrificed himself to save humanity.

Others believe it comes from the German word gute freitag, which means holy or sacred Friday.

Still, others say the name comes from the French phrase Pâques Bonne which means Good (or Holy) Friday. 

When is Good Friday 2024?

Good Friday 2024 will be an observance on Fri, Mar 29. The day falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday, which will also fall on Mar 31, 2024.

The Easter Story:

According to Christians, On Good Friday, Jesus was betrayed by Judas and denied by Peter, and he was crucified by two thieves and died on the cross. 

His body was wrapped in linen cloths with aromatic spices, and then placed in a new tomb.

The women who came to visit early Sunday morning found the stone rolled away and an angel at the entrance to the tomb saying that Jesus had risen from death. 

For this reason, it’s traditional for Christians to fast until noon on Fridays during Lent as a reminder of how Jesus gave up food when he went into the desert for 40 days after being tempted by Satan. 

To commemorate these events, many churches hold special services on Good Friday, which often include reenactments of the Passion story, singing hymns like O Sacred Head Now Wounded or The Strife Is O’er, and readings from scripture including John 19:17-37 or John 12:12-19.

Some people carry crosses outside their churches as part of the procession before the service begins. Some worshippers might wear purple clothing or even ashes on their foreheads to remember Jesus’ suffering.


This article examined Good Friday’s importance in Christianity and why Christians celebrate this event. Although we looked when Good Friday 2024 is?

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