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If you’re a hit TV series Gilmore Girls fan, you may have wondered what living like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore would be like. Fortunately, with the Gilmore BitLife Challenge, you can experience life in Stars Hollow and beyond in a virtual world.

In this article, we’ll explore the Gilmore BitLife Challenge and provide some tips on completing it successfully.

What is the Gilmore BitLife Challenge?

The Gilmore BitLife Challenge is a virtual challenge that simulates the life of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. The challenge requires you to create a new life in the BitLife app and follow rules that mirror the lives of the beloved Gilmore Girls characters.

The challenge is divided into several stages, each corresponding to a different period in the lives of Lorelai and Rory. Each stage has its own set of rules, and you must follow them to progress to the next stage.

How to Complete the Gilmore BitLife Challenge?

Stage 1: Childhood

The first stage of the Gilmore BitLife Challenge is childhood. During this stage, you must create a new life in the BitLife app and follow a set of rules that reflect the upbringing of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

Rule 1: Attend a private school.

Rule 2: Read a lot.

Rule 3: Watch classic movies.

Rule 4: Build a strong relationship with your mother.

Stage 2: Teenage Years

The second stage of the Gilmore BitLife Challenge is the teenage years. During this stage, you must navigate the challenges of adolescence and build the foundations for your future.

Rule 1: Date multiple people.

Rule 2: Attend a prestigious university.

Rule 3: Participate in extracurricular activities.

Rule 4: Have a close relationship with your best friend.

Stage 3: Young Adulthood

The third stage of the Gilmore BitLife Challenge is young adulthood. You must establish a career and build a life for yourself during this stage.

Rule 1: Find a fulfilling career.

Rule 2: Travel to Europe.

Rule 3: Build a strong relationship with your significant other.

Rule 4: Have a child.

Stage 4: Middle Adulthood

The fourth stage of the Gilmore BitLife Challenge is middle adulthood. During this stage, you must balance your career with your family life and make important decisions about your future.

Rule 1: Buy a house in Stars Hollow.

Rule 2: Start a business.

Rule 3: Support your child’s dreams.

Rule 4: Attend therapy.

Stage 5: Golden Years

The final stage of the Gilmore BitLife Challenge is the golden years. During this stage, you must enjoy the fruits of your labor and reflect on your life.

Rule 1: Retire.

Rule 2: Spend time with your grandchildren.

Rule 3: Travel the world.

Rule 4: Live a fulfilling life.

Tips for Completing the Gilmore BitLife Challenge:

To complete the Gilmore BitLife Challenge successfully, you need to have a strategic mindset and be willing to follow the rules of each stage. Here are some tips to help you navigate the challenge:

Read the rules carefully:

Before beginning each stage, read the rules carefully to ensure you understand what you must do to progress to the next stage.

Make strategic decisions:

To succeed in the challenge, you must make strategic decisions. For example, if you want to attend a prestigious university, you should study hard and maintain a high GPA. Similarly, to build a successful career, you must choose a major that aligns with your interests and goals.

Build strong relationships:

Building strong relationships with your family and friends is essential to complete the Gilmore BitLife Challenge. In the game, spend time with your mother and best friend, and choose supportive and caring partners.

Take care of your mental health:

In the middle adulthood stage, attending therapy is one of the rules. However, taking care of your mental health should be a priority throughout the challenge. If your character is stressed or overwhelmed, take a break and engage in self-care activities like meditation or exercise.

Manage your finances:

Money management is crucial to the Gilmore BitLife Challenge. In each stage, save money and invest in property and stocks. Avoid unnecessary expenses and live within your means to build a strong financial foundation.


Travel is an integral part of the Gilmore BitLife Challenge. In the game, make sure to travel to Europe and other destinations. Exploring new places can give your character new experiences and broaden their horizons.

Be patient:

The Gilmore BitLife Challenge is a long and challenging game. It takes time to progress through each stage, and sometimes you face setbacks. Patience is key to completing the challenge successfully. Take each stage one step at a time and focus on achieving each goal.

Have fun:

While completing the Gilmore BitLife Challenge can be daunting, remember to have fun. The game is designed to be enjoyable, so immerse yourself in the world of Stars Hollow and enjoy the journey.

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