excuese me this is my room

Excuese Me This is My Room is a manga series written and illustrated by Nagata Kabi. It was serialized in the online publication Pixiv Comic and published in tankobon format by East Press. The series follows the life of Mikasa, a young woman who struggles with social anxiety and finds solace in her virtual world.

Excuese Me This is My Room offers a touching and thought-provoking reading experience for manga fans and those who can relate to the challenges of social anxiety.


Manga has a long and rich history that dates back to the 19th century in Japan. The word “manga” means “whimsical pictures,” which has evolved over the years to become a significant part of Japanese popular culture. 

Excuese Me This Is My Room, written and illustrated by Yuka Kitagawa, is a manga series recently gaining attention for its unique story and compelling characters.

Plot and Characters:

Excuese Me This Is My Room follows the story of Aoi, a high school girl who has always felt like an outcast. One day, she wakes up in a mysterious world where everyone has a room representing their inner world. 

Aoi discovers that she can enter the rooms of others and learn their secrets. Along the way, she meets various other characters, each with their room and story to tell. Aoi is a relatable protagonist who struggles with loneliness and isolation but also possesses a curious and determined personality. 

As she navigates this strange new world, she forms bonds with other characters dealing with their struggles. From the kind-hearted and supportive Yuu to the enigmatic and stoic Asuka, the characters in “Excuese Me This Is My Room” are well-developed and bring depth to the story.

Themes and Messages:

“Excuese Me This Is My Room” touches on various themes that resonate with readers. One prominent theme is the importance of understanding and accepting oneself. Aoi’s journey to explore the rooms of others allows her to reflect on her feelings and insecurities, leading her to understand herself better. 

The manga also explores the impact of emotional wounds and traumas on individuals and the power of healing and forgiveness. Another significant theme is the importance of human connections and empathy. 

Through her interactions with other characters and their rooms, Aoi learns to see beyond surface-level appearances and understand the struggles and emotions of others. The manga emphasizes the value of compassion and understanding in building meaningful relationships.

Art Style:

The art style of “Excuese Me This Is My Room” is visually appealing, with detailed illustrations and expressive characters. Yuka Kitagawa’s art brings the story to life, capturing the emotions and expressions of the characters compellingly. 

The use of different room designs for each character adds to the visual appeal of the manga, showcasing the diversity and individuality of each character’s inner world.


Excuese Me This Is My Room is a captivating manga series that has gained attention for its unique story, engaging characters, and compelling themes. Through its exploration of self-acceptance, human connections, and empathy, the manga resonates with readers on a deep emotional level. 

Yuka Kitagawa’s art style adds to the visual appeal of the story, making it a must-read for manga fans seeking a thought-provoking and heartwarming experience. Whether new to manga or a seasoned reader, “Excuese Me This Is My Room” is a series worth checking out for its intriguing premise and compelling storytelling.



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