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Day Lewis Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy chain in the united kingdom. The pharmacy was founded in 1975 by two brothers, Kirit Patel MBE and JC Patel. Now the business is running under the leadership of siblings Jay, Rupa, and Sam. It was a family-owned business that has grown from one pharmacy to 275-plus branches that provide health services to the united kingdom.


Day Lewis Pharmacy provides a wide range of healthcare services around the united kingdom. They also provide prescription services, health and beauty, online services, vaccination, and more! 

As a strong retail pharmacy base, it is also a central distribution division with Knapp automation warehouses. Day Lewis Pharmacy supplies 4500 pharmaceutical products to its retail pharmacies in the United Kingdom. 

A career at Day Lewis Pharmacy:

Day Lewis provides career opportunities for people who can continue their core values and purpose, help people to stay healthy, and work for a better community. Their core values and purposes include:

  1. To keep their caring family culture.
  2. To look after their customers.
  3. To be disciplined and professional.
  4. To be different through innovation.
  5. To reward, recognize and empower.

They have 2600 employees and a major presence in the South of England, from Cornwall to Greater London. They are always passionate about developing their employees and improving them more.

Trainee Pharmacist Opportunities 2022-2023:

Day Lewis pharmacy offers trainee pharmacist opportunities to students and provides the confidence to approach the GPhC registration assessment with great confidence of success. They provide the opportunity for students to gain practical skills and knowledge to become the best right from the beginning of their careers as a pharmacist. 

They have a program that includes international students on the five-year integrated program, Hospital, GP, and Industry split placement students. 

The Trainee Pharmacist program includes an Induction workbook, retail experiential learning, a Calculation workshop, revision sessions, GPhC assessment preparation, mock examinations, Emergency First Aid practical training, and Six-month split programs with the pharmaceutical industry, GP Practices, and hospitals. 

Day Lewis Pharmacy Other Businesses:

Including 275 plus pharmacies Day Lewis have several other businesses. They have a concession in Harrods, one of London’s world’s most famous department stores. This pharmacy started trading on 30 September 2013. 

The founder and chief executive of Day Lewis (Kirit Patel MBE) said, “We are proud of our heritage as being a leading family business delivering innovative, professional pharmacy services in the communities we serve. 

Harrods is a world-renowned store; there is no greater endorsement than being trusted to manage the Pharmacy. They are also owners of Europe’s largest international offshore and remote clinic distribution business, serving the likes of Chevron, Total, and BP

Wells Offshore supplies a full range of licensed pharmaceuticals, dressings, and medical consumables certified medical equipment and quality certified medical equipment, including rescue stretchers, emergency equipment, and life-saving apparatus such as a full range of heart defibrillators.

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