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Dave Navarro Spouse is an American guitarist. He is a member of Jane’s Addiction rock band. With this band, he has created four studio albums. He remained the guitarist of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers band during 1993-1998. At this studio, he recorded one studio album One Hot Minute. He was described as alternative rock’s first true guitar hero. In an American tattoo competition reality series Ink Master, he is a host and judge. Dave Navarro Spouse and much more about Dave Navarro will be explained in this article. 

Who is Dave Navarro?

Dave Navarro was born on 7 June 1967 in California. James Raul Navarro was his father and Constance Colleen Hopkins was his mother. He had no siblings. He went to Notre Dame High School. He fall in love with music and he became a member of Jane’s Addiction band with his bandmate Stephen Perkins. His mother was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Dave Navarro Spouse gave details of his mother’s murder in his documentary Mourning Son which he released in 2015. He also explained the pain he had to suffer since his mother was murdered.


Dave Navarro started his career by joining Jane’s Addiction music band and then became a guitarist. Stephen Perkins, the childhood friend of Dave Navarro recommends The Perry Farrell Festival launched by Lollapalooza. The brand become very popular. The band released three albums in the next five years. 

Dave Navarro joined Guns N’ Roses after disbanding Jame’s Addiction. The group released only one recording. the n in 1993, he started touring with Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The band’s album One Hot Minute became very popular and sold over eight million copies.

Dave Navarro struggled with drug abuse. This led to his disbanding Red Hot Chilli Pepper in 1998. After that, he started his solo career in 2001 when he sang for Capitol Records. Dave Navarro worked with many musicians and artists. He worked with Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and Janet Jackson. 

Other than Music:

Other than music, Dave had appeared in many TV programs. He appeared in Celebrity Poker Showdown in 2004. He acted and directed a film in 2007. His film won the honor at the AVN awards. 

He continued to work with Jane’s Addiction after the reunion of the band in 2008. In the TV program Ink Master, he became the host and the judge.

Dave Navarro Spouse:

Dave Navarro Spouse married three times. Every time he made an effort to keep his wife but in no vain. His first marriage was with celebrity makeup artist Tania Goddard Saylor which lasts for only two years. Then he married Rhian Gittins. This marriage was also short duration. In 2003, he married model and actress Carmen Electra. This marriage remains for four years.

With Carmen Electra, he enjoyed a long relationship. The reason behind their divorce was their hectic schedule. They both speak with each other even after their divorce. On Navarro’s 51st birthday, the actress posted a picture of their marriage along with the caption “My love for you is everlasting”. In 2014, after their selfie, people assumed that they are getting back together but Navarro denied this saying they are great friends and there is no romantic tie between them.

Currently Dave Navarro’s spouse:

Dave Navarro’s all three marriages were unsuccessful. Although he wished for a long-term relationship with his partner, he remained unsuccessful to maintain his married life. He had many girlfriends including Taylor Wayne, Jenna Jameson, and Jasmine Lennard. Since May 2022, he is engaged to Vanessa DuBasso.

Dave Navarro age:

Dave Navarro Spouse is 56 years old (2023).

Net Worth:

The talented musician had a net worth of $ 20-25 million. This huge net worth is due to his music career and his role as a host in the TV program Ink Master.

How tall is Dave Navarro?

The high of Dave Navarro Spouse is 1.75 meters.


Dave Novarro is a musician who had a successful career. But an unsuccessful Dave Navarro Spouse. He married three times and remained unsuccessful. Now he had a fiance. How long his next marriage will last, one can say nothing but hope for his successful marriage. He has a huge net worth and living a good life. 

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