cuh dey board

Cuh Dey Board is a term that emerged on TikTok in 2023 as a way to mock and mock a famous TikToker named Montaine, whose handle is @ohmontaine. Montaigne has amassed a large following with over 1.3 million followers on the platform as of August 2023. She primarily focuses on relationship and dating advice in her videos and is often seen chopping vegetables on a cutting board in many of her posts.

Cuh Dey Board meaning & role:

The term “Cuh Dey Board” originated when other TikTokers noticed Montaigne’s habit of using a cutting board in his videos and started making fun of him. In a stitched video on April 5, 2023, TikToker @i.c.e._ joined Montana’s video saying, “I think I want soup,” and the interaction gained popularity, with nearly 130,000 plays and 18,900 likes.

As time went on, some TikTokers began to express disdain for Montaine’s content, with TikTokers like @santiagothewiz labeling her a “red flag” for posting content specifically aimed at women. Accused. This criticism led to hateful comments being posted under Montaigne’s videos.

On July 20, 2023, TikTok @yuvaltheterrible stitched and mocked Montaigne’s rap video for the way he rendered the phrase “’cause they got bored” as “cuh dey boad”. The stitch received millions of plays and likes and was a turning point in the creation of the “Cuh Dey Board” meme.

After that, many TikTok users started commenting “cuh dey boad” on Montaigne’s videos to make fun of her. The trend continued to gain attention, and more TikTokers began creating memes and remixes using the phrase “Cuh Dey Board”.

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