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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the captivating world of Charles Todd Books in Order. In this article, we will take you on a literary journey through the intriguing novels penned by this talented author. From gripping mysteries to vivid historical settings, Charles Todd has crafted a remarkable collection of stories that have enthralled readers around the globe. 

Who is Charles Todd?

Charles Todd is the pseudonym used by a mother-and-son writing team, Caroline and Charles Todd. They have created a remarkable legacy with their engaging novels, which primarily fall into the genres of historical fiction and mystery. Here are the Charles Todd Books in Order:

The Ian Rutledge Series:

One of Charles Todd’s most renowned and beloved series is the Ian Rutledge series. Set in the aftermath of World War I, this series introduces readers to Inspector Ian Rutledge, a Scotland Yard detective haunted by his experiences during the war. With each novel, Charles Todd skillfully weaves intricate mysteries while providing a captivating glimpse into post-war England.

A Test of Wills (1994):

In the first installment of the Ian Rutledge series, “A Test of Wills,” readers are introduced to the troubled yet brilliant Inspector Rutledge. Set in 1919, this gripping novel follows Rutledge as he investigates a perplexing murder in a small English village. With a blend of psychological depth and expert storytelling, Charles Todd captivates readers from the very beginning.

Wings of Fire (1998):

Continuing the enthralling journey, “Wings of Fire” takes Inspector Rutledge to the stunning countryside of Warwickshire. Against the backdrop of a grisly murder and the lingering scars of the war, Rutledge must untangle a complex web of secrets and betrayal. With each page, Charles Todd’s masterful storytelling draws readers deeper into the intricacies of the plot.

Search the Dark (1999):

In “Search the Dark,” the third novel in the Ian Rutledge series, Charles Todd delivers another riveting tale of mystery and suspense. Inspector Rutledge finds himself investigating a baffling case that becomes increasingly personal. With vivid descriptions and a profound understanding of human psychology, Todd keeps readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning pages.

Legacy of the Dead (2000):

Continuing the saga, “Legacy of the Dead” plunges Inspector Rutledge into a dangerous investigation as he seeks to uncover the truth behind a mysterious death. Charles Todd’s meticulous attention to detail and atmospheric prose transport readers to a bygone era, immersing them in the post-war world and the complexities of Rutledge’s own struggles.

The Bess Crawford Series:

Apart from the Ian Rutledge series, Charles Todd has also created another compelling series featuring the indomitable Bess Crawford. This series offers a unique perspective, focusing on the experiences of a British nurse during World War I.

A Duty to the Dead (2009):

The first installment in the Bess Crawford series, “A Duty to the Dead,” introduces readers to the courageous and determined nurse Bess Crawford. As she becomes entangled in a web of secrets and murder, Bess must navigate the treacherous waters of war-torn Europe. 

Charles Todd’s evocative prose and meticulous historical research bring the era to life, captivating readers with each turn of the page.

An Impartial Witness (2010):

Continuing Bess Crawford’s journey, “An Impartial Witness” transports readers to a small English Continuing Bess Crawford’s journey, “An Impartial Witness” transports readers to a small English village where Bess finds herself embroiled in a perplexing murder investigation.

Charles Todd’s superb storytelling shines through as he seamlessly blends historical accuracy with suspenseful plotlines, keeping readers engrossed in the world he has meticulously crafted.

A Question of Honor (2013):

In “A Question of Honor,” Charles Todd takes Bess Crawford on a riveting adventure that spans the war-torn landscapes of France and the idyllic English countryside. As Bess uncovers a trail of deception and betrayal, readers are treated to a vivid portrayal of the challenges faced by those involved in the Great War. 

Todd’s impeccable attention to detail and authentic characterization make this installment a must-read for fans of historical mysteries.

The Shattered Tree (2016):

“The Shattered Tree” propels Bess Crawford into the heart of the battlefields of World War I. As she tirelessly tends to wounded soldiers, Bess becomes entangled in a dangerous web of espionage and intrigue. 

Charles Todd’s ability to capture the raw emotions of war while maintaining a gripping narrative keeps readers eagerly flipping through the pages, yearning to uncover the truth alongside Bess.

Standalone Novels by Charles Todd:

In addition to the Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford series, Charles Todd Books in Order has also written standalone novels that showcase their versatility as authors. These standalone works offer readers a chance to explore different settings and themes while still experiencing Todd’s masterful storytelling.

The Murder Stone (2003):

“The Murder Stone” takes readers to a remote English estate where a gathering of family and friends turns deadly. Amidst the grandeur of the setting, dark secrets and buried resentments come to light. 

Charles Todd’s ability to create a chilling atmosphere and craft complex characters makes this standalone novel an engrossing read that will keep readers guessing until the final revelation.

A Fine Summer’s Day (2015):

A Fine Summer’s Day” serves as a prequel to the Ian Rutledge series, providing readers with a glimpse into the detective’s life before the war. Set in 1914, this novel delves into Rutledge’s early career and the events that shaped him into the investigator readers have come to admire.

Charles Todd’s ability to capture the essence of Rutledge’s character and the era in which he lived shines through, making this a compelling read for both new and seasoned fans of the series.


Charles Todd Books in Order’s literary contributions have enriched the realms of historical fiction and mystery, captivating readers with their intricate plots, atmospheric settings, and well-developed characters. 

Whether you embark on the gripping adventures of Inspector Ian Rutledge or follow the determined nurse Bess Crawford through the trials of war, you are sure to be immersed in a world that will leave you longing for more.


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