blue lock chapter 224

Blue Lock Chapter 224 mentions a high-stakes soccer match between Ubers and Bastard Munchen. Blue Lock chapter 224 highlights the strategic showdown between the teams, focusing in particular on Bastard Munchen’s strategy to neutralize the Ubers’ star striker Mark Sanfey. Yoichi Isagi and Raichi Jingo devise a clever plan to limit Snuffy’s influence on the game. They implement a unique man-marking strategy known as “Protractor Mode”. Raichi is tasked with staying in a semi-circle of a 2-meter circle around Snuffy and trying to steal the ball when he enters the area.

Raichi uses this strategy successfully, effectively restricting Snuffy’s movement and forcing him to pass the ball to a teammate. This disrupts Ubers’ offensive options and gives Bastard Munchen an advantage. However, Ubers has a counter strategy. They have drafted in Oliver Eco to take over as playmaker in case Sanfie is heavily marked. Aiku intercepts the ball and delivers a precise pass to Shui Baru, who then makes a run towards the Bastard Munchen goal.

Gagamaru Gin, a Bastard Munchen defender, is ready to defend against Barou’s shot, confident that he can stop the goal. Blue Lock Chapter 224 ends with a riot as Baru and Gagamaru face off, leaving the reader in suspense as to the outcome of their showdown. Blue Lock Chapter 224 presents a thrilling football match full of strategic moves and intense moments, promising an exciting continuation of the story.

Blue Lock Chapter 224 overview:

A Game-Changing Plan:

Blue Lock Chapter 224 begins at a critical moment in the match when Ubers is preparing to take a throw-in. Mark, one of the star players of Ubers, focuses on Snuffy and Bastard Munchen’s response to his abilities. Yoichi Isagi and Raichi Jingo come up with a clever plan to limit Snuffy’s influence on the game.

The Protractor Man-Marking Strategy:

Isagi instructs Rachi to use a unique “Protector” man-marking strategy. Instead of sticking to the snuffy like glue, Raichi’s main marking zone is limited to a 2m semi-circle around the snuffy. Simply put, Raichi should stay close to Snuffy and try to steal the ball the moment he enters that special area.

Raichi Steps Up:

Raichi takes on this difficult task with his incredible ability and determination. He manages to effectively limit Snuffy’s movement, leaving the star player with fewer options to attack. Even Snuffy is impressed by Rachi’s skill, and it forces him to pass the ball to his teammate.

Isagi’s Satisfaction:

Usagi is happy that his plan is working. Even if Raichi can’t completely stop Snuffy, the constant man-marking disrupts Ubers’ powers, making it easy for Bastard Munchen to anticipate his next moves.

Ubers’ Counter-Strategy:

However, Ubers has a counter-strategy up its sleeve. They have drafted in Oliver Ecoe to take over as playmaker if Sanfie is marked too much. Aiku manages to intercept the ball and delivers an accurate pass to Shui Baru.

A Race Towards the Goal:

With the ball at his feet, Baru begins a sprint toward the Bastard Manchin’s goal, and Gagamaru-jin, the Bastard Manchin’s defender, prepares to stop him. Gagamaru is confident that he can stop a goal, which sets the stage for an exciting showdown.

A Cliffhanger Ending:

Blue Lock Chapter 224 ends on a hesitant note, leaving the reader hanging as Baru confronts Gagamaru, and the outcome of this thrilling encounter remains uncertain.


Blue Lock Chapter 224 provides an action-packed football match full of exciting strategies and intense moments. Isagi and Raichi’s protractor man-marking plan adds a new layer of excitement to the game, and the evolving strategy on both sides promises an interesting follow-up. Football fans and “Blue Lock” fans have a lot to look forward to as the story unfolds.

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