aubriana dejesus

In a recent incident that has taken aback the area people, Aubriana Dejesus, a 25-12 months-vintage resident of Greenwich, has determined herself in prison problem after being charged with animal cruelty and failure to seem in the courtroom. The costs stem from two separate incidents which have raised concerns about animal welfare and prison accountability.

Animal Cruelty Allegations:

The case in opposition to Dejesus got here to light when Cornell University Veterinary Specialist contacted her regarding the condition of her canine on the morning of October 9, 2022. The dog, which turned into seriously emaciated and malnourished due to obvious forget, had to be euthanized because of its dire situation. This incident raised red flags and caused an investigation into the animal’s treatment.

After accomplishing a radical investigation, Greenwich Police sought and were granted an arrest warrant for Aubriana Dejesus. The warrant was completed on December 29, 2022, culminating in her arrest on fees of animal cruelty. The profound struggle endured by the dog and its subsequent euthanization underscored the gravity of the situation, leading to the determination of costs against Dejesus.

In addition to the costs of animal cruelty, Aubriana Dejesus also faced a separate felony depend. She become charged with failure to appear in court docket inside the 2d diploma for an incident that occurred on the night of May 8, 2022. The incident worried a bodily altercation with any other individual, and Dejesus didn’t attend her courtroom date scheduled for October 11, 2022. This failure to appear brought about her being charged with this offense properly.

Upon being arrested and processed, Aubriana Dejesus became allowed to put up bail. Her bond for the animal cruelty charge turned into the set at $15,000, whilst the bond for the failure to appear fee became set at $5,000. Dejesus was capable of post the desired 10% of each bond and changed into sooner or later launched pending her courtroom date.

Future Court Appearance:

Aubriana Dejesus has been assigned a courtroom date at Stamford Superior Court on January 13, 2022, at 9:00 a.M. This court look will in all likelihood play a critical position in figuring out the effects of the prices on her. Legal experts count on the court proceedings will shed similar mild on the situations surrounding the animal cruelty incident and the failure to appear in the courtroom rate.


The case of Aubriana Dejesus has brought interest to the issues of animal cruelty and felony duty within the local network. The allegations of forgetting about and mistreatment of her canine have ignited conversations about the moral remedy of animals and the obligations that include puppy ownership. Additionally, her failure to appear in the court docket highlights the significance of gratifying prison obligations. As the prison complaints spread, the community may be looking carefully to peer how the case develops and what impact it may have on both animal welfare and the justice system.

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